Do your speakers know what they need to do at an event?
  v4.0 Posted at 25/07/2019 12:28 PM by Penny Walker

It is really important that your speakers feel empowered, so make sure you give them the tools they need to run their event well.

On the day of your event, chat to the speaker and give them the Speaker Checklist so ​they know how the day will run:

1. Agenda

  • Tell the audience the agenda, so they know the break times. 
  • We recommend the following breaks:

Figure: A schedule to give to your speakers to help with time keeping 

2. Breaks

Attendees will often ask you what time the break will start or finish, so if you write it down they can refer it instead of asking you! 

Tip: You can print out this PDF "Break-Ends-Sheet,"​​ to keep them informed, without answering the same question many times! 

TIP: We also have a handy rule on this: https://rules.ssw.com.au/do-you-set-a-clear-end-time-for-breaks

3. Names​​​

Draw yourself a rough diagram of the room, start with intros an​ then go around the room and write people's names down for future reference. It will make speaking to them later a lot more personal if you can learn their name.

​​Tip: Draw the table layout before people arrive - it's faster. It's also easy if you draw the view you see looking at the audience.


  Figure: An example of the room layout with attendee's name, and memorable things about the   m

4. (Optional) Coffee Orders:

  • ​Ask attendees what coffee they would like, or ask them to fill out an electronic form and give this to your admin staff

​5. Evaluations:

  • Please give your evaluation forms out around 4pm to give people time to complete them.

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