Web content like wikipedia/instructional style - Do you write in the newsreader and eyewitness style?
  v4.0 Posted at 2/05/2016 5:38 PM by Joanna Feely
​General web content should always be written as if read by a newsreader. It is objective and describes its content professionally. A good example of this is Wikipedia.​​

I don't like JavaScript. I prefer jQuery because...

Figure: Bad Example - using 1st person writing makes it sound like opinion

jQuery is superior to JavaScript for this because...

Figure: Good Example - using 3rd person writing makes it sound like fact

However, when quoting a testimonial, you should use 1st person writing as if a newsreader had crossed over to an eye​witness for a personal view of the topic.

Don Bradman thought that SSW's work was fantastic!

Figure: Bad Example - impersonal

Don Bradman says: "I thought that SSW's work was fantastic!"

Figure: Good Example - 1st person in this context is appropriate

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