Do you use heading tags where appropriate (H1, H2, H3...)?
  v2.0 Posted at 6/08/2016 3:58 AM by Tiago Araujo

You should  understand the hierarchy and try to use the heading tags (<H1>, <H2> or <H3>...) for titles and subtitles.

It's also important to customize these headings via CSS, making the font bigger, bold or in a different color. This way page looks nice and organized. 

The following benefits of using heading tags:

  • Improves the ranking with the search engines (extra weighting is given to text in H1 and H2)
  • Makes cleaner and leaner HTML 

<p><span class="Heading">Introduction</span>
<br>Lets chatter about...</p>​

​​​Figure: Bad example​​ - ​using span tags and CSS classes to put headings in


​​Figure: Good example - using heading styles

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