Do you use clean designs when creating forms?
  v1.0 Posted at 18/12/2015 11:06 PM by Tiago Araujo

​​As we know, a​n image is worth a thousand words​​. So here are some examples of how to make cleaner forms:

Bad Example

A fairly standard Access 97 application that needs some love (Before a makeover)

Before a makeover
Figure: Avoid using background colors for your form controls - they can be confusing
Before a makeover
Figure: Avoid using non-standard fonts on your forms - keep them as close to Windows XP forms as possible
Before a makeover
Figure: All these forms will be grouped into a tabbed form
Before a makeover
Before a makeover
Figure: The colors on this form are very distracting and add no value to the user - keep it clean

Good Example 

Screenshots of the existing Application in Access 97 after an SSW makeover (Good)​​

After a makeover
Figure: This is the same application above - can you believe it? We grouped the forms into tabs
After a makeover
Figure: The icons give the form visual appeal and help to break up the plain colors
After a makeover
Figure: It's easy to present your form more cleanly and with a Windows XP feel
After a makeover
Figure: Even tricky forms with lots of logic can be tidied up. We used XP-styled controls and careful alignment to make this form more usable

Better Example

 Access 2007 is an Easy Way to Give Your Old Access Application a new look (Best)​

These samples are from a Property Purchase and Negotiation Tracking application created for Queensland Water Infrastructure.​

Figure: The main menu of one of our first Access 2007 UIs. It looks even better than the revamped Access 97 application
Figure: Note the Action buttons in the top right hand corner - they are based on the Access 2007 templates
Figure: This picker form is based on a web-style picker UI such as Hotmail so users have a familiar UI
Figure: With the use of frames with background colours, we have visually grouped controls

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