Do you know what type of content marketing you should post on your socials?
  v2.0 Posted at 2/06/2020 4:33 AM by Tiago Araujo

​Sometimes it can be hard to keep generating content daily for your social media, and even more when there’s not much going on.​​

​So, here are a few examples taken from our social media of what you could post on yours:

​Internal projects, services or products that your business developed or offers​

Figure: SSW’s devs doing a scrum retro with General Manager Uly after working on SSW TimePro​

​​Projects that your company worked on​

Figure: SSW's developer Kosta being recorded by SSW TV about the web app that SSW developed for Sydney University​

Video content​

​Figure: SSW TV Tech tips recorded during NDC 2019 on YouTube​ - Watch the playlist here​

Events that your company organised

Figure: Clean Architecture Superpowers paid training promotion on SSW's socials
Figure: Angular Hack Day post-event post

External events that you and your team attended to

Figure: SSW’s team in our booth at NDC Sydney 2019 with Alumnus Tiago Passos

Your team members profile

Figure: In profile photos, you can show your employees in action

Your employee's blogs posts

Figure: Use the same image from the blog post for consistency

Your business blog posts

Figure: When you promote your own business' blog post on your social media, try to use the same design & branding

General content wrote by your team on your website

Figure: Even though some of your content doesn’t have a photo, you can add a relevant one from free stock photo services, like the above

Employment opportunities

Figure: Hiring post following branding guidelines

Teamwork, parties, etc

Figure: A team shot just before NDC with part of the SSW China office

Relevant news for your industry

Figure: If you don’t have a catchy photo to represent your news, try free stock photo websites like Pexels or Unsplash​

Memes, if they suit your industry

​To see best practices for sharing memes on your socials, check out our Rule: ​Do you know why you should use memes as part of your business social media content?

Figure: A meme once a week on weekends can help you boost your social media engagement

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