Stored Procedures - Do you know SQL stored procedure names should be prefixed with the owner?
  v3.0 Posted at 2/01/2020 9:07 AM by Christian Morford-Waite

​​Always specify the schema prefix when creating stored procedures. This way you know that it will always be dbo.procedure_name no matter who is logged in when it is created.

There are 2 other benefits to including the schema prefix on all object references:

  1. This prevents the database engine from checking for an object under the users schema first
  2. Also avoids the issue where multiple plans are cached for the exact same statement/batch just because they were executed by users with different default schemas​.

Aaron Bertrand agrees with this rule - My stored procedure "be​st practices" checklist.

CREATE PROCEDURE procCustomer_Update @CustomerID INT, ….. BEGIN​

Figure: Bad example​​

​​​CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.procCustomer_Update @CustomerID INT, ….. BEGIN

Figure: Good example​​​​

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