Spec - What are the Specification Review Deliverables?
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Usually, a specification process is done with the client before beginning work on a project, just like you would never build a house without getting an architect to create a plan.
As you might appreciate, it is not realistic to understand the complexity of your system and give you a realistic estimate after a brief meeting. Our experience tells us we will need to spend a few days to obtain and document the requirements from your project’s stakeholders. This will help you turn your ideas into a more detailed roadmap. 
Remember, a batter aims to hit the ball way out of the ballpark. Don't set an indefensible boundary too early
Figure: Remember, a batter aims to hit the ball way out of the ballpark. Don't set an indefensible boundary too early by estimating too small

The deliverables for the Specification Review depend upon how large the application is and the time we have spent on the review.  You will receive the following:

Requirements Analysis
  • ​An architectural roadmap recommending technical solutions
  • A breakdown of the required software application into its core components, likely to include the approximate number of main features (e.g. forms, reports, etc.)
  • An integration plan​
  • A deployment strategy
  • An MVP (minimum viable product) will be identified, as well as a wish list - requiring the client to se​t the priorities for the project through defining what is in and out of scope for the MVP
  • A detailed list of 'issues' associated with the existing system which impact future development and maintenance
  • Hardware and licensed software recommendations
  • Mock-ups if required

Summary Product Backlog ​

  • ​​A list of product backlog items (PBIs) will be broken down based on the Requirements Analysis and the Architectural Design
  • These PBIs will then be estimated

Ballpark Estimates

  • The estimated number of sprints
  • Estimated cost of the project

With the Specification Review, the client can see whether the consultant understands their business and the requirements for their software development project. 

The ballpark estimate allows them to decide whether the project is feasible for their budget and time-frame.

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