Do you sort your videos into playlists?
  v4.0 Posted at 21/05/2018 11:45 AM by Florent Dezettre
All your videos should be inserted into playlists and these playlists should be shown and promoted on your channel. Let's see why.

Creating and promoting optimized playlists is a plus, increasing session time (amount of time spent by a person on YouTube after watching your video). YouTube wants people to spend more time on their website (to increase their revenue with ads) so if a channel makes people spend more time on YouTube, this channel gets a boost. YouTube will automatically launch another video from a playlist once the first video is over, increasing session time. This snowball effect will give your channel and videos a great boost!

Bad example: people living YouTube after (or even while) watching one of your videos will rank you (and your content) down.

OK example: people watching another video after yours will give you a little boost.

Good example: people watching a video from your playlist are more likely to keep watching more of your videos, giving you a big boost!

Good example: make sure that every video is in at least one playlist.

Images: courtesy of Brian Dean (source).

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