Scrum Master - Do you schedule the 3 meetings?
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​​​​​The Scrum Master (not ScrumMaster), must schedule the Sprint Review, Retrospective and Planning meetings.

Estimate how much time each meeting will require, then schedule a single calendar appointment to cater for the three meetings. When scheduling the calendar appointment, keep in mind the following:

  • Ideally, each of the three meetings should be time boxed to an hour for every week of their associated Sprint.
  • This time boxing does not mean the whole time will be taken up, just that you should not let the time for each meeting be exceeded.
  • With the Product Owner's help, the Scrum Team will need some time to update the Product Backlog after the Retrospective and before the Planning meeting.
  • People need breaks.
  • The Sprint officially finishes at the end of the Sprint Review m​eeting. The Sprint Retrospective marks the beginning of the next Sprint.
  • These meetings do not necessarily have to be held on a Friday or Monday. You can have a Sprint start and end on any day of the week.​

Tip: It can be helpful to finish the Sprint Review with the first D​aily Scrum​

Schedule the meeting and invite the Scrum Team and any interested stakeholders.

Required Attendees: [Scrum Team]
Optional Attendees: [Interested Stakeholders]
Subject: [Project Name] – Sprint Review, Retro and Planning Meetings



This is a calendar appointment to hold the following three Scrum meetings:

Task Board: XXX​

Sprint Review Meeting
We will go through the user stories that have been completed and demonstrate them.
See rule What happens at a Sprint Review Meeting?

Sprint Retrospective Meeting
Sprint closed and new sprint starts.
We ask for feedback of the previous sprint so that we can ‘Inspect and Adapt’.
See rule What happens at a Sprint Retrospective Meeting?

Sprint Planning Meeting
We go through the backlog (aka to do list), get more information, estimate and then prioritize.
We then breakdown to tasks and commit to what we believe we can deliver for the next sprint.
See the rule What happens at a Sprint Planning Meeting?


<This email is as per the rule Scrum Master - Do you schedule the 3 meetings?​​​ />

Figure: Good Example - co​py this appointment template and send to ​the Scrum Team
In Scrum, there are 4 meetings in total that you need to know about: 

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