Screenshots - Do you use balloons instead of a 'Wall of Text'?
  v35.0 Posted at 1/02/2019 10:51 AM by Andreas Lengkeek

​Some people communicate with a 'Wall of Text'. Communicate better by using screenshots and reduce your amount of words.

You can take screen captures to the next level by adding balloons that have the appropriate text (aka speech bubbles). Sometimes you need only the text in the balloon and no text in the email.

The balloon is great because you can point to a specific part of the image. It is much easier than reading the old ‘Wall of Text’.

Let's look at bad and good examples:

Baloon Bad ExampleFigure: Bad Example – The email is using a screenshot so that is good, but you need to read the text and relate it to the image
Check the shadow propertiesFigure: Good Example – The balloon with text on the screenshot, makes it quicker to understand

See more details on how to configure balloons branding in Fullshot and Snagit.

Now be aware not to go crazy with this balloon rule.

Balloon Bad Example Figure: Bad Example – Balloon overload
Balloon good exampleFigure: Good Example – See 3 balloons were not needed
Arrow good example ​Figure: Good Example - Sometimes an arrow is all that is needed
Figure: Good Example – Betsy Weber Techsmith - Part 1 - Creator of Snagit. See full series here

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