Sales - Do you track all sales related activities in CRM?
  v14.0 Posted at 13/02/2020 10:59 AM by Harley Kemelfield

​​​Prerequisite: Install the 2 CRM Addins.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows users to track activities such as appointments, phone calls, emails, etc. This feature can be easily abused by users to record unrelated activities inside CRM. It is difficult sometimes to work out which type of activities should be recorded. These are the types of activities you should track in CRM:

  • 01 Appointments: Initial meeting, and follow-up meetings...
  • 02 Phone Calls: Any incoming and outgoing sales related phone call (note Dynamics has Skype for Business integration to automatically track outgoing phone calls)
  • 03 Emails: Sales related emails

All sales activities should be set regarding an opportunity, company or contact.

From: Marlon Marescia www.ssw.com.au
To: some-email@address.com
Subject: RE: Consulting

Hi Robert,
As per our conversation, Dan will be starting on Monday 1st March.

We discussed using a second resource on the project with Dan. You and Dan will assess whether this is necessary during the first week and make a decision.

I will call you in a week or so to see how things are progressing.

Figure: This email should be tracked in CRM

By recording these activities, reports can be created to view:

  • The guys doing the most sales activities.
     e.g. The "Activities" report. This should be printed monthly and posted on the wall. (shown below)
  • The history fo​r all sales activities relating to an opportunity. This is useful to review before making a call (but is not necessary if you CC each other).
  • Which opportunities have been neglected. This is a custom report and could be useful in a large company where opportunities could slip through the cracks.
Work tracking gragh
Figure: Activities Report - Ulysses was the hardest worker for this month. Print this and put it on the wall and it will encourage everyone to log their calls

Note: You can see more details on what emails to track in Do you know to hit 'Track' when you receive an important email?

Prerequisite: Install the 2 CRM Addins

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