Rules to Better Offices


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  1. Do you color-code your keys?

    ​​​Keys, we all have them. A key for the front door, a key for the garage, a key to the letterbox, and keys to your office… the list is often endless! How much time do you waste finding the correct key?​

    If you allocate each individual lock a color and then tag or colour your keys to match, you can save a lot of time and effort identifying the correct key.

    keys 2.JPG
    Figure: Bad example - Figure: Bad Example - a key bunch with no color-coding, total anarchy! 
    keys 1.JPG
    Figure: Good example - color-coded keys with labels, perfect order.

    Tip: While you can buy colored keys, they are not as strong as their silver counterparts, and can break in the locks of heavier doors. Using nail polish to mark your keys, or using a key ​cover is a better way to go! 

  2. Do you identify your online purchases?

    When making an online purchase using the company account, remember to include your name in the postal details so that the item is correctly identified and given to you. Having it sent to the company unidentified or under the boss's name​ can lead to confusion and the package may end up in limbo.