Rules to Better Offices


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  1. Rules to Better Recruitment

    ​Do you have trouble finding amazing developers?! Here is how we do it!

    ​​At SSW we do not use recruiters, instead we rely on word of mouth for referrals, or we advertise a position using LinkedIn. We find that the filters on LinkedIn are a good way of attracting people with the correct skills. You can choose up to 10 skills per ad, saving you a lot of time.

    We also try to make our ads interesting and fun to help them stand out. For example, when we needed a new State Manager for Brisbane, we needed someone with a Business mind, who also knew our industry inside and out. So we created the title "A Business Guy (once a wannabe developer)". This got people's attention, and got us the right person for the job!

    Business Guy.png​ ​​​
    Fi​g​ure: Good example - Our "Business Guy" role as show​n on our website.

    Once we have our candidates, we call them for a chat, put them through a communications challenge, and then a coding challenge. This ensures that we find people who are the right cultural fit for our company, as well as a kick arse consultant and coder.

    Image: SSW's recruitment process.

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  2. Do you colour-code your keys?

    ​​​Keys, we all have them. A key for the front door, a key for the garage, a key to the letterbox, and keys to your office… the list is often endless! How much time do you waste finding the correct key?​

    If you allocate each individual lock a color and then tag or color your keys to match, you can save a lot of time and effort identifying the correct key.

    keys 2.JPG
    Figure: Bad example - Figure: Bad Example - a key bunch with no color-coding, total anarchy! 
    keys 1.JPG
    Figure: Good example - color-coded keys with labels, perfect order.

    Tip: You can buy colored key copies - so coding is even easier, no tags required!