Rules to Better CRM


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  1. Do you install the 2 add-ins (the old COM and the new app)?

    You should install the Outlook COM add-in, and optionally the new Dynamics 365 App for Outlook.

    Note: At the moment, installing the app is optional (it is only useful for sales people). This will change in the future - this is a temporary issue because the app is more stable but it does not allow you to track appointments. E.g. At SSW developers still need the "full app" (aka the old Outlook COM-Add In) for booking clients and booking leave.

    Install the "full" and "lightweight" Dynamics 365 app for Outlook

    Follow these steps:

    1. Open a new tab and navigate to your CRM. E.g. At SSW it is
    2. Select Settings (cog) | Apps For Dynamics 365
      Figure: Select Settings (cog) | Apps for Dynamics 365 menu item
    3. Install the COM add-in and optionally install the App.
      From this page, you should have the option to Download Dynamics 365 for Outlook and then follow the prompts to finish the configuration.
      You can optionally install the new App (ask you SysAdmin for help if you're unable to get it working)
      Figure: Dynamics 365 apps for Outlook. Note the words "lightweight" and "full"
    4. You should now see the COM add-in within Outlook
      Figure: Outlook showing the COM Add-ins installed and enabled
    5. You should now see the Dynamics 365 plugins available within Outlook (e.g. emails & appointments)
      Figure: In Outlook open a new Email and see both the Dynamics 365 app and the COM add in

    Now you can get up-and-running using CRM:​

  2. Do you install the Dynamics 365 iPhone/Android app?

    You should have Dynamics 365 installed on your phone.​

  3. Do you know how to automate event signup processes?

    ​You should automate signup processes using Zapier.

    This is the process of a soon-to-be attendee Mr. Northwind signing up for an event:

    1. Mr. Northwind visits one of the event pages, e.g.
    2. He presses sign up on
    3. After selecting a city, he presses register now on
    4. He registers for the event on Eventbrite, e.g.​

    This is the according internal process:

    1. A Zapier Zap puts his data into a list in Active Campaign and enriches it with tag​s (e.g. Angular, 2-Day-Angular-Melbourne-Mar-17)
    2. Mr. Northwind’s data is sent to a custom web hook​ receiver​ (his phone number, email address, full name, and tags are taken from Active Campaign), which adds it to our CRM​

  4. Do you know how to find an employee or client's phone number?

    As part of induction, employees would have been asked to enter their phone number into their Active Directory profile. That means this will be available in Skype for Business.

    You can find SSW Employee phone numbers in two ways:​​​

    1. Using Skype for Business
      Figure: Right click on a user and click call and their mobile is there
    2. Using CRM
      Figure: Go to "Users" and search for the name you need​

  5. Do you know the CRM roadmap?

    The Dynamics CRM roadmap provides a snapshot of what Microsoft has been working on in the Dynamics CRM business. You can use the roadmap to find out what was recently made generally available, released into public preview, are still being developed and tested, or are no longer developed.
    Figure: Find ​out more at the official Microsoft Dynamics CRM Roadmap​.​​
  6. Do you know the Dynamics 365 (CRM) competitors?

    These are the other major​ CRM engines that compete with Microsoft Dynamics 365:

    • Base CRM
    • Insightly CRM
    • Zoho CRM
    • Less Annoying CRM
    • Pipedrive CRM
    • Bitrix24 CRM
    • Bpm'online CRM
    • Apptivo CRM
    • ProsperWorks CRM
  7. Do you report on your CRM with Power BI?

    Option 2

    Sales management for Dynamics 365

  8. Installation - Do you ensure you are on the current CRM Rollup?

    CRM 2011 regularly receives updates, known as Rollups. Rollups are a set of cumulative updates and patches. It is important to ensure you are up to date as there many ​great enhancements (and the odd bug fix) that are included over time.

    ​The current version is Rollup 13 and includes a great set of updates such as:

    • Cross browser support (finally support for Chrome, Safari (not iOS) and Firefox)
    • Windows Server 2012 support
    • ADFS 2.1 support
    • SDK changes better handle bulk data updates
    • Many index improvements to make searches faster

    Download CRM Rollup 13 from:

    It is important to ensure you test each Rollup before deploying it to a live environment and have a suitable rollback strategy.


  9. Installation - Do you log each screen which is different to the default?

    It is impossible to exactly remember every configuration setting in an MSCRM install. A historical log of the installation is hugely valuable when there are problems after installation is completed and helps to correctly re-install if required. The easiest and most convenient way of doing this is to take screen captures of every screen and paste them into a Word document. E.g. _InstallSteps_CRM2011.docx

    You will also need this because you are going to do this in a Dev, then Test and then Production environment aren't you :-)

    DevErrors in web.config
    Figure: This is the last dialog before it installs. So you want a screen capture of everything up to here - so you can replay it for the Test and Production servers