Do you provide modern contact options?
  v4.0 Posted at 13/04/2018 10:44 AM by Penny Walker
​The evolution of website development can be divided by: 
    • 1990 - Cool website – content focus (static HTML content)
    • 1995 - Cool graphics – interface focus (dynamic HTML content)
    • 2000 - Nice flow – usability focus (focus on user experience)
    • 2005 - Good marketing – conversion focus (SEO and visitors to customers conversion) 
    • 2010 - Happy customer– interactions focus (customer experience)

It's important that your website is focused on CX (Customer Experience) which means you need modern contact options.

Figure: Bad example: the only way to contact the company is via email
Figure: Good example - Chat is available along with other ways of contact, such as voip, IM, KB etc​

Zendesk explain how you can use mulitple channels of support to give your customers a better CX. 

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