Production - Do you use multiple cameras?
  v2.0 Posted at 27/02/2012 2:27 PM by Titus Maclaren

To create more visually pleasing videos consider using a multi camera setup.

The benefit is that you can use the second camera to 'cut away' to (see Rule: http://rules.ssw.com.au/DesignandPresentation/RulesToBetterVideoRecording/Pages/Do-you-use-cutaways.aspx) in the edit.

​If you are recording a long interview use two (identical) cameras, covering both the presenter and the interviewee.

Figure: Multi cam setup for single guest speaker interview

If you are recording an event with multiple people and want to maximize the coverage (and obtain cutaway shots) use a second/third camera, either placed on a tripod somewhere of interest or give to someone else to move around with and obtain interesting shots.

This camera doesn't need to be identical to the main camera (but it is preferable over using a different camera). A camera such as the Flip hand held or even an iPhone can provide the necessary shots to make a video more interesting.

Figure: Flip camera mounted to a small table top tripod. Ideal for cutaway shots.

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