Popup - Do you know when Popup forms are good?
  v4.0 Posted at 31/07/2014 9:16 PM by Martin Li
Some people like popup forms. Some do not.
Popup modal forms are no good:
  • as you can't read or edit something else in a window behind
  • as they take a lot of time to load in a browser (ask any CRM 4 user)
Popup forms are good:
  • as it is obvious you have an action step to perform before continuing
  • as they simplify a form that has lots of fields
  • if they can't get lost behind another window
  • if you make them clear by dimming the background (see below)
Adobe Illustrator
Figure: Bad example - if this was a popup form it would be easier to focus on where to look (as a minimum you would be looking at half the screen)
Adobe Illustrator
Figure: Good example - the popup with the dimmed background is much more intuitive
For example, adding a webpart in SharePoint 2010 should use a popup form. See our suggestion to Microsoft.

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