Meeting - Do you know what to prepare for each meeting?
  v17.0 Posted at 7/01/2016 11:40 AM by Ulysses Maclaren
In Scrum, meetings are time boxed. Team members should be well prepared in order to accomplish the meeting goals in time. 

Daily Scrum Meetings - This is time boxed to 15 mins. All members of the team should be well prepared by:

What did you do yesterday? e.g. "Yesterday I did xxx"

What are you doing today? e.g. "Today I will do yyy" 

Do you foresee​ any impediments or roadblocks? e.g. "I might hit a roadblock today because of xxx"

  • Remember to say "Let's park that conversation for after the Daily Scrum". Major discussions are not to be conducted during the time boxed Scrum meeting.
  • Being online on Skype (especially for team members in different locations). 

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Review Meetings - all members of the team must be well prepared by:

  • Being available 30 minutes before the meeting
  • Setting up and testing the projector with a computer before the meeting starts
  • Making sure remote members are connected via Skype and/or TeamViewer before the meeting starts
  • Nominating in advance another member of the team to take notes from the presentation
  • Deciding, in advance, the order in which PBIs should be presented; priority, sprint backlog order, logical order and minimizing presenter and presentation medium switching should be taken into account.
  • Controlling the time spent on the PBI presentation
    • Practice the demo beforehand if needed to ensure a succinct delivery. This can be in the form of a pre-prepared video if desired
    • Inform the product owner what the main goal of the PBI is and tell if the team believe it was done or not
    • If the Product Owner previously saw what was done, ideally the member should just mention that and ask if the PBI is accepted
    • If the member needs to show something, show a couple of examples and ask if the Product Owner wants to see something else

Retrospective meetings - all members of the team must be well prepared by:

  • Having all your tasks from the last sprint closed
  • Having your sprint feedback ready in advance, so members don’t need to think about it during the meeting, saving time
  • Being clear and pointing out issues that need further discussions

Planning meetings
- all members of the team must be well prepared by:

  • Having all bugs and PBIs up-to-date on the backlog
  • Having all PBIs on the backlog “groomed” in order of priority (according to the Product Owner)​
  • Understanding all PBIs and the Product Owner’s priorities
  • Being responsible on estimates
  • Volunteering to work on PBIs and tasks, even if they are not related to your best skills – read Do you encourage multi-skilled teams?  

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