Do you know where your staff are (and where they’re supposed to be)?
  v5.0 Posted at 18/07/2019 4:38 PM by Matthew Sampias

​​​​It's been said that in order to succeed you have to show up – nowhere is that more true than the workplace.  Knowing where your staff need to be is paramount.

​At the beginning of each day you should:

  1. Review a staffing report – consider a report in PowerBI or a similar tool that shows which of your staff are booked for what activities on any given day
    PowerBI Staffing Photo_1.jpgFigure: Consider using a Booked in Days report in PowerBI to manage the number of days your team is booked and what clients they're working on

  2.  Make updates to staff bookings as required in the source calendars so that the booked in days report is an accurate representation of what clients staff are assigned to.  Ensure that any other staffing or service calendars are also updated to accurately reflect the day's planned activities

    Service Calendar.jpgFigure: Make sure to update planned activities for staff in other calendars such as a Service Calendar, CRM, or any other scheduling and reporting tools

  3.  Review your absence calendar.  Each business should have a calendar where employees can note any upcoming absences or leave so that it's easy for other team members to know where folks are at any given time. 
    absences.jpgFigure: Have your staff leave bookings in a staff leave calendar so you can tell quickly who's scheduled to be out of the office

  4. Check who's in the office.  Have a look at who's currently in the office and if someone's not present or doesn't have an absence or booking, find out where they are​.  You can use a tool like Sophie Bot or other tools to find out who's physically in your office at any time Figure: You can use a Bot like Sophie AI to provide a staffing report of who is physically the office today

  5. If staff are missing or otherwise unaccounted for, make sure to take appropriate action to find out where they are and why they haven't been in communication

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