Do you know how to use Teams Search?
  v1.0 Posted at 7/09/2019 6:27 AM by Tiago Araujo

Teams search is designed to help you quickly find the files you are collaborating on.​

From the main search box, you can search for:

  • Teams
  • Channels
  • Files
  • Messages
  • People​

If you start typing in the search box, you will see all Teams and Channels that matches your query:

Figure: Search results for "Training". The 1st two results are Teams, the 3rd one is a channel.

Teams only show up with their title, while channels show with the name of the associated Team underneath
Figure: Teams result
Figure: Channel associated to a Team result

Warning: If you hit enter, you will be redirected to the Messages, Files & People results. To see the Teams/Channels matching your query, simply click the search box again

Once you've hit "Enter", you can search through the different tabs to find messages, people or files that match your query across all teams

Figure: Use the 3 built-in tabs to search through the different categories

You can also use built in filters to refine your search, by clicking the "Filter" icon in Messages or Files tabs: 

Figure: Built in filters for Messages (see #3)

Important: Even though Teams search gives you quick access to all your messages and documents; the search is scoped to ONLY Teams, which means you cannot search for files hosted on SharePoint, OneDrive, other Office365 products (i.e. Delve/UserProfile) or external sources (i.e. Sugarlearning.com, Rules.SSW.com.au etc...). For this reason, it is advised to use the SharePoint Search instead.

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