Do you have a migration plan
  v6.0 Posted at 20/05/2016 5:48 PM by William Yin
​​​At a high level, the plan is:

  • Install SharePoint ​
  1. Install with topology of your choice in SharePoint 2016 (or use AutoSPInstaller)
  2. Configure Application services

  • Run the wizard (or use script. the community script wasn't ready when Thiago and I was migrating intranet)​
  • Configure user profile and its permission configuration (see msdn​)​
  • Test Migration
  1. Install required WSP packages in 2016
  2. Test migrating content database from old to new
  3. Fix all the missing customizations error in the above step, then do the content database migration
  4. (Optional) Migrate services database (depends on which service applications do you use)
  • Post migration setup
  1. Configure search
  2. Configure metadata (optional)
  • Test test test
  • Go-live migration
  1. Put old SharePoint into read-only
  2. Refresh content & service database from SP 2013 to 2016
  3. Update DNS
  4. Decomm​ission old SharePoint server and database (after 2 weeks when you're confident with the new environment)

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