Have You Got The Right Speakers?
  v1.0 Posted at 31/12/2014 11:03 AM by Lars Klint

Securing the right speakers for the topic of your event ensures that you attract the right people wanting to hear what your speakers have to say. ​​

​Depending on your level of ambition, you will have to get out early to book in your speakers. If you are wanting to have speakers that are seen as authorities in their field, you will have to approach them many months in advance. It is not uncommon to book in speakers 6-12 months away from your event. In general

  • Research the speakers for the topics you want – including watching previous talks and finding feedback for each speaker
  • Determine the number of speakers – This can be a range such as 8-10
  • Book speakers early – Popular speakers are booked out well in advance
  • Have backup speakers ready – cancellations can happen at any time
    • This could be others speakers preparing more than one talk
  • Inform speakers of your expectations and provide any required information early
    • ​​​​This includes PowerPoint templates, sponsor logos and any venue specific information

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