Logon - Do you have a company-wide Word template?
  v11.0 Posted at 11/07/2020 3:17 PM by Kaique Biancatti
A company-wide template will be implemented, so users have automatic footers to save time and give better branding.​​
Figure: Bad Example - creating an email/document does not have the company templates
Figure: Good Example - creating an email/document with the company templates​

How to have a company-wide Word template:

  • Modify your Normal.dotm file to have the headings and format that you want for Word document
  • Create standard employee email footer files e.g. JamesZhou.htm or JamesZhou.txt
  • Put the files on a network location - this is the place that will have the master copies 
  • ​Have a logon script which is set up through Group policy that will copy the file to the users' computer when they logon.
    e.g. a PowerShell login script like https://github.com/SSWConsulting/SSWSysAdmins.LoginScript

ECHO Copy Office Templates To Workstation >> %LogonLogFile%
call %ScriptFolder%\SSWLogonScript\BatchScript\SafeCopyNewerFile.bat "\\fileserver\DataSSW\DataSSWEmployees\Templates\Normal.dot" "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Templates\Normal.dot" %LogonLogFile%
call %ScriptFolder%\SSWLogonScript\BatchScript\SafeCopyNewerFile.bat "\\fileserver\DataSSW\DataSSWEmployees\Templates\Normal.dotm" "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Templates\Normal.dotm" %LogonLogFile%
call %ScriptFolder%\SSWLogonScript\BatchScript\SafeCopyNewerFile.bat "\\fileserver\DataSSW\DataSSWEmployees\Templates\ProposalNormalTemplate.dotx" "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Templates\ProposalNormalTemplate.dotx" %LogonLogFile%
call %ScriptFolder%\SSWLogonScript\BatchScript\SafeCopyNewerFile.bat "\\fileserver\DataSSW\DataSSWEmployees\Templates\NormalEmail.dot" "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Templates\NormalEmail.dot" %LogonLogFile%
call %ScriptFolder%\SSWLogonScript\BatchScript\SafeCopyNewerFile.bat "\\fileserver\DataSSW\DataSSWEmployees\Templates\Microsoft_Normal.dotx" "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Templates\Microsoft_Normal.dotx" %LogonLogFile%
call %ScriptFolder%\SSWLogonScript\BatchScript\SafeCopyNewerFile.bat "\\fileserver\DataSSW\DataSSWEmployees\Templates\Blank.potx" "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Templates\Blank.potx" %LogonLogFile%
xcopy /Y "\\fileserver\DataSSW\DataSSWEmployees\Templates\NormalEmail.dotm" "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Templates\" >> %LogonLogFile%
xcopy /Y "\\fileserver\DataSSW\DataSSWEmployees\Templates\NormalEmail.dotx" "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\QuickStyles\" >> %LogonLogFile%
ECHO Templates Copied

Figure: Bad Example - This is a snippet of an old login script

​ You can automatically have your SSW Word doc template on sign-in via a script. See https://github.com/SSWConsulting/SSWSysAdmins.LoginScript

Good Example - New Login script on Github

Note #1: We don't want people using .RTF emails so we include this message in SSW.rtf. Be aware that we don't want to use RTF because of Remove RTF as an option or explain when it is a good choice.

Note #2: If you use a Mac computer, a login script will not work. In order to use a Word template, you must open the template on Word locally, hit "Save as Template", and then upload that document to Teams.​

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