Getting Started - Have you read the Scrum guide?
  v20.0 Posted at 12/02/2019 4:17 PM by Ulysses Maclaren
​​​​Everyone who will be involved in Scrum (pigs and chickens alike) should have read and understood the Scrum guide.

​Understanding the concepts of Scrum is easy; implementing it is hard!
Figure: It's handy to know who the pigs and chickens are. The word "commit" and this silly chicken and pig story, were removed from the Scrum Guide 2011.


Everyone should:

  1. Read the Scrum Guide.
  2. Take the Scrum Open assessment and get at least 75% to be “Certified Scrum 1”
  3. Watch the awesome video 'Scrum in 10 minutes'  

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