Dones - Do you include relevant info from attachments in the body of the email?
  v17.0 Posted at 7/04/2020 2:40 AM by Tiago Araujo

When someone sends you a .doc file or images that are attached when you reply 'done' they (and others CCed) won't be able to see the appropriate history. If it is a word .doc or an image; open it and copy and paste the text/image into the history, where the image should have been. Don't leave it as an attachment. 

Warning: iPhones strip inline images. If someone has replied to a beautifully crafted email (with inline images) with their iPhone, it will now be a clipped plain text email with your image as an attachment and would not be included in the "Reply All"...Grrrr

So in such a case, you will want to skip that email and go back to the last HTML email and paste in the extra response. For clarity, add something like:

"(fixed history to put back images - caused by Adam's iPhone)"​

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