Does the first form provide the user product information?
  v2.0 Posted at 1/12/2014 3:54 PM by Rebecca Liu

How you present the product information depends on the sort of application you are developing.

  • If the application is wizard application:

    The first page of the utility should introduce the user to the application.

    Because the first two paragraphs of this screen and the first few paragraphs of the application's website often contain virtually identical information (i.e., describing the product) it may be a good idea to make both the same. The first two paragraphs of the screen can be copied from portions of the website.

    A "More" hyperlink can also be added at the bottom of the screen, which will direct the user to the website where they can read further information about the application.

    ssw Code Auditor Welcome Screen
    Figure: Good Example - This wizard has an information screen as the first screen
  • If the application is not a wizard application

    The main menu of the application should have a Help - About... menu item. When clicked, a new form should open up containing similar information as the page in the wizard application described above.
    Help About
    Figure: Good Example - Help - About... menu item opening the product information

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