Do you use the URL as a navigation aid (aka redirect to the correct url if it is incorrect)?
  v3.0 Posted at 13/05/2013 4:35 PM by Damian Brady
Figure: Watch the URL working as a navigation aid

MVC gives us great URLs, but you need to help users navigate via the URL. If the user changes a URL, and the route parameters no longer match, you should correct them with a redirect.

public ActionResult Edit(string employeename, int id)
    var model = _repository.GetEmployee(id);

    // check for a parameter match and redirect if incorrect
    if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(employeename) || employeename != model.EmployeeName)
        return RedirectToAction(
            "Edit", new { employeename = model.EmployeeName, id });

    return View(model);
Figure: Good example - the comment says it all
Wordpress and Stack Overflow have URL formats that do this very well:

http://tv.ssw.com/3102/business-valueGood example: If the "business-value" part of the URL changes, the page will redirect to the correct location.

Figure: Good example - If the "settimeout-or-setinterval" part of th eURL changes, the page will redirect to the correct location.

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