Do you use the repository pattern for data access?
  v5.0 Posted at 11/09/2015 9:18 AM by William Yin

The repository pattern is a great way to handle your data access layer and should be used wherever you have a need to retrieve data and turn it into domain objects.

The advantages of using a repository pattern are:

  • Abstraction away from the detail of how objects are retrieved and saved
  • Domain objects are ignorant of persistence - persistence is handled completely by the repository
  • Testability of your code without having to hit the database (you can just mock the repository)
  • Reusability of data access code without having to worry about consistency

Even better, by providing a consistent repository base class, you can get all your CRUD operations while avoiding any plumbing code.

See the "A Generic CRUD Repository for Entity Framework" blog post by Damian Brady for an example of how to implement a repository pattern.

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