Do you use "Note" instead of "NB"?
  v2.0 Posted at 21/09/2017 5:56 PM by Anthony Nguyen
​In a piece of writing, both “NB” and “Note” can be used to add a piece of information or attract the reader’s attention to an important detail. Of these 2 options, it is better to use “Note” than to use “NB”. 

​This is because NB is old-fashioned – it is the abbreviation for “nota bene”, Latin for “note well” – and its meaning is not immediately clear, whereas the meaning of “note” is immediately obvious. It is always better to use plain English, and to avoid abbreviations that could be confused for something else. Therefore, you should use “note” in your documentation to ensure your meaning is clear. 

NB: It is important to track how long this process runs for.​​​

Bad example: NB is unclear and old-fashioned

​​Not​​e: It is important to track how long this process runs for.

​​ ​Good example: It is obvious what we mean when we use "Note"

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