Do you use ANAME record?
  v5.0 Posted at 3/03/2017 6:45 AM by Tiago Araujo

What is ANAME record? ANAME record is an alias record that allows you to map the apex record or any other record within your domain to a target host name, essentially a CNAME record for the apex record. ANAME record is especially useful for when you have multiple domain names and your website is hosted by a provider that changes it's IP Address, this does happen quite regularly with WPEngine. Many DNS service provider does not support ANAME record, however,​ DNSMadeEasy has made this service available.

Configuring ANAME is as easy as configuring CNAME. Let's have a look at DNS records for adamcogan.com.au, DNS records contains apex record for adamcogan.com.au and a www.adamcogan.com.au. The apex record uses ANAME, while CNAME for www.adamcogan.au - now we will never have to worry about updating these records, they will follow the DNS records of adamcogan.com. DNSMadeEasy also provides Real-Time Stats are available showing how frequently your​ DNS records are requested. Let DNSMadeEasy as your delegated DNS!

Figure: DNSMadeEasy - DNS Records for adamcogan.com.au points to adamcogan.com

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