Do you use a Project Portal for your team and client?
  v17.0 Posted at 11/26/2013 9:07 PM by Martin Li

Every project needs a Project Portal to help developers communicate and collaborate with clients and each other.

A Project Portal should contain:

  • The Sprint Backlog (for the developers and the Product Owner)
  • The Sprint Backlog Overview (for Testers - what to test)
  • The Burndown
  • Past Sprints of the project
  • Link to mockups, test and production environments
  • (For windows apps) - Link to the last build's setup file (which should be every Friday)
  • Contact details of the developers and project managers (or a link to the CRM record)
Figure: Bad Example - A project portal that is manually updated. This example is from Metal Corp

10-08-2012 10-59-45 AM.png
Figure: Good Example - A TFS 2012 Project Portal. The Activities menu has all the actions a Product Owner needs

Note: If you use TFS2012 or TFS2010 you can use the built in SharePoint dashboard for this. All you need to do is create a new Team Project using the Agile Template

Figure: A SharePoint 2010 Dashboard integrated with TFS A Project Portal is also a great place to hold files etc so you can send links to clients instead of files. This is explained further in "Do you know not to use email to forward client attachments?"

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