Do you underline links (and include a rollover)?
  v5.0 Posted at 26/04/2017 12:14 PM by Tiago Araujo

​Always make links perfectly clear.

It's very important that your links stand out from the background as well as the surrounding text. A solid underline and a contrasting color is the usually the best choice, but the exact method is not important as long as the end result stands out. A link should not only be discoverable upon accidental hovering.

Rollovers are important as they offer visual feedback to a user that this link that will take them somewhere. While there is a myriad of ways to do this; you can't go wrong with an underline or border-bottom.

For more information on this, please go to SSW website.

Bad Example: The link is hard to recognize

For more information on this, please go to SSW website.

Good Example: This link is obvious


Good Example: Obvious rollover. You can test it by hovering the links on ​the example above

Example CSS for rollover:

a:hover { 
    color: #cc4141;
    cursor: pointer;

Figure: Example CSS for rollover effect

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