Do you shutdown VM's when you no longer need them?
  v1.0 Posted at 21/03/2016 11:27 AM by Stanley Sidik

​​Often we use Azure VM's for presentations, training and development. As there is a cost involved to store and use the VM it is important to ensure that the VM is shutdown when it is no longer required.​

Shutting down the VM will prevent compute charges from incurring. There is still a cost involved for the storage of the VHD files but these charges are a lot less than the compute charges. 

The following is stated on http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/pricing/member-offers/msdn-benefits/ "Stop your virtual machines and we will stop billing them within a minute. " Please note that is for MSDN Azure subscriptions. 

You can shutdown the VM by either making a remote desktop connection to the VM and shutdown server or using Azure portal to shutdown the VM.​

Figure: Azure Portal​

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