Do you incentivise your employees to do their timesheets on time?
  v15.0 Posted at 13/02/2019 10:34 AM by Christopher Beaver

​Having a reward system in place can be a great way to make sure all employees get their timesheets in on time.

Get your employees to enter their timesheets daily and have a system that entails:

A deadline for submitting timesheets (Friday 12pm). The entire company is rewarded with a free lunch, and only people who missed the deadline will miss out on it.

Hi All,

Everyone gets a free lunch today except for the following people:

  • Person 1’s name
  • Person 2’s name
  • etc.​

Can you please complete your timesheets ASAP and little ‘r’ me when you are done

Here’s what we check:

  1. Timesheets - http://reports.ssw.com.au/Reports/report/SSWTimePRO/SSWTimePRONETReports/11_ValidateMissingTimesheets
  2. SugarLearning - https://www.sugarlearning.com/SSW/Leaderboard
  3. Bookings - http://reports.ssw.com.au/Reports/report/SSW2005Reports/SSW%20Booked%20In%20Days

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Note: The Free Lunch should not accumulate. It's an 'on the day' reward, so take it or leave it... If they're not in the office, give them 30 days to get the $10.00 Tax Invoice back to Accounts for reimbursement.

Note: Ideally, buy the free lunch in 1 go, to reduce the admin involved for the accounts department.

Note: Since it's damaging to have senior people belittled by getting called out for relatively trivial things, you should always make sure you do your absolute best to help them comply.

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