Do you remove VBA function names in queries before upsizing queries (Upsizing problem)?
  v2.0 Posted at 20/10/2010 7:56 PM by System Account
The Upsizing Tools do not try to upsize Microsoft Access query that includes VBA function names that don't have their equivalent Transact-SQL functions. The upsizing result will depend on Microsoft Access version (2000/2002/2003) and SQL Server Version (2000/2005). The following varieties of queries will not upsize:
  • Queries referencing value in control, for example Forms![FormName]![ControlName] (Access 2000)
  • Select queries that take parameters (Access 2000)
  • Select queries where parameter used more than once (All versions of Access)
  • Select queries referencing Format function (All versions of Access)

You have to manually edit SQL definition in Microsoft Access (remove or replace keyword) and modify view/stored procedure/function T-SQL in SQL Server after upsizing.

SELECT Orders.OrderID,
    "Order Subtotals".Subtotal, 
    FORMAT(ShippedDate,'yyyy') AS Year 
FROM Orders 
INNER JOIN "Order Subtotals" 
    ON (Orders.OrderID="Order Subtotals".OrderID);
Figure: Bad example of Access query with FORMAT keyword
SELECT Orders.OrderID,
    "Order Subtotals".Subtotal, 
    YEAR(ShippedDate) AS [Year] 
FROM Orders 
INNER JOIN "Order Subtotals" 
    ON (Orders.OrderID="Order Subtotals".OrderID)
Figure: Good example of SQL Server view with YEAR keyword
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