Do you Promote your User Groups using Social Media?
  v7.0 Posted at 17/06/2020 12:56 PM by Andrew Forsyth
​​​​​Do you need to increase the attendance at your User Groups?

A great way to increase your over all audience, as well as your attendance at each User Group, is to use social media and online forums like MeetUp​ to advertise your events. At SSW we use MeetUp, as well as the social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to announce all of our upcoming User Groups and keep track of attendance.  

Tweet UG.jpg     Figure: An example of SSW promoting the .NET User Group on Twitter.

​For tips on taking great photos for social media promotions, see Do you know how to take great photos for your socials?​

You can read more about promoting your events here in our Rules to Better Twitter (plus Facebook and other Social Networking) and in Promotion - Do People Know About Your Event. ​

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