Do you *not* use Red-Gate SQL Compare (or Microsoft's Data Dude) for deployment (because they are a step at the end of your process)?
  v3.0 Posted at 20/10/2010 7:57 PM by System Account
SQL Compare is a good tool to find out the differences between two databases. It can help you answer the question "Is your database the same as mine?".

Let's see what it is good at.
Figure: You can use SQL Compare to make two databases the same
Figure: SQL Compare clearly shows some tables are missing

So if you want to compare 2 databases SQL Compare (or Data Dudes Compare) is great tools. They even let you synchronize sweetly between these 2 databases. However, if you are doing this at the end of your release cycle, you have a problem.  Your schema deployment process is broken.

What you should be doing is seeing your Schema Master each time you have a new .sql file. You do this during the development process, not at the end in the package and deployment process.

Figure: Give your SQL scripts to 'Schema Master' who will, check them into TFS, then run them
Note: We have a tool called SQL Deploy to help with automatic deployment.

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