Do you *not* have height/width in an <img> tag?
  v6.0 Posted at 22/12/2015 3:25 AM by Tiago Araujo

The <img> tag of HTML has 2 attributes that should not be used - "height" and "width".  Any image resizing should  be done via CSS. If the height / width ratio doesn't match that of original image, the image will be stretched.

<img src="images/codeauditor-logo.png" alt="Code Auditor logo" width="150" height="100" />​

Stretched image which looks ugly
Figure: Bad example - Stretched image caused by inline​ height/width ratio that doesn't match

<img src="images/codeauditor-logo.png" alt="Code Auditor logo"  />​​​​

Image looks fine
Figure: Good example - Avoiding inline​ height/width ratio keeps the image as original

We have a program called SSW Code Auditor to check for this rule.

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