Do you make sure you get latest and compile?
  v7.0 Posted at 4/08/2020 7:24 AM by Tiago Araujo

It's amazing how often you can't simply Clone a repository (aka "Get Latest") and compile it.

​A good developer makes it clear how to get a new project, compile it, and have a smooth "F5" experience.


​Check they have a README or instruction files in their solution as per the rule Do you make instructions at the beginning of a project and improve them gradually? 

Sometimes the experience is more CLI based​​​

Figure: Some consider this rule (Do you get latest and compile) to be more a “git clone” and then “dotnet run” 

Sometimes the experience is more Mac-based​

Figure: On a MacBook, if you hold down the Fn key, the touch bar will show F buttons
Figure: On a MacBook, VSCode has a run button to launch the debugger (similar to F5)
Figure: On a MacBook, Visual Studio for Mac is similar to VSCode but less obvious, since it looks more like XCode

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