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  v4.0 Posted at 30/07/2019 10:14 AM by Tiago Araujo

GRASP stands for General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns and describes guidelines for working out what objects are responsible for what areas of the application.

​The fundamentals of GRASP are the building blocks of Object-​Oriented design.  It is important that responsibilities in your application are assigned predictably and sensibly to achieve maximum extensibility and maintainability.

GRASP consists of a set of patterns and principles that describe different ways of constructing relationships between classes and objects.

Creator A specific class is responsible for creating instances of specific other classes (e.g. a Factory Pattern)
​Information Expert Responsibilities are delegated to the class that holds the information required to handle that responsibility​
​Controller ​System events are handled by a single "controller" class that delegates to other objects the work that needs to be done
​Low Coupling Classes should have a low dependency on each other, have low impact if changed, and ​have high potential for reuse
​High Cohesion ​Objects should be created for a single set of focused responsibilities
​Polymorphism ​The variation in behaviour of a type of object is the responsibility of that type's implementation
​Pure Fabrication ​Any class that does not represent a concept in the problem domain
​Indirection ​The responsibility of mediation between two classes is handled by an intermediate object (e.g. a Controller in the MVC pattern)
​Protected Variations ​Variations in the behaviour of other objects is abstracted away from the dependent object by means of an interface and polymorphism

Tip: Visual Studio's Architecture tools can help you visualise your dependencies.  A good structure will show calls flowing in one direction.

architecture_responsibility_bad.png Figure: Bad Example - Calls are going in both directions which hints at a poor architecture architecture_responsibility_good.png Figure: Good Example - Calls are flowing in one direction hinting at a more sensible arrangement of responsibilities

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