Do you look at the architecture of .NET projects?
  v14.0 Posted at 16/07/2020 4:23 AM by Tiago Araujo

​To visualize the structure of all your code you need architecture tools that will analyze your whole solution.

They show the dependencies between classes and assemblies in your projects. You have 2 choices:

  • Visual Studio's Dependency Graph. This feature is only available in Visual Studio Ultimate. (recommended)
  • If you want architecture tools for Visual Studio, but don't have Visual Studio Ultimate, then the excellent 3rd party solution nDepend. A bonus is that it can also find issues and highlights them in red for easy discovery
Figure: Visual Studio lets you generate a dependency graph for your solution
Figure: The dependency graph in Visual Studio shows you some interesting information about how projects relate to each other​

nDepend has a similar diagram that is a little messier, but the latest version also includes a "Queries + Rules Explorer" which is another code analysis tool.

Figure: nDepend Dependency Graph. Issues are highlighted in red for easy discovery

Read more about nDepend: ndepend.com.

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