Do you leave messages when your phone call is unanswered?
  v10.0 Posted at 26/03/2013 11:14 AM by Titus Maclaren
If you call a client or team member, and for some reasons he/she do not attend your call, then you MUST leave messages to ensure a response.

Your messages must contain your name (firstname and lastname), purpose of calling, and your contact number. Create a sense of urgency by giving them explicit time frames when you are available.

Hi Ms. Emma, this is Alvin. Please call me back, thanks.

Figure: Bad Example - lacking in communication details, reason for calling and sense of urgency

Hi Ms. Emma, this is Alvin Shen from SSW. I am calling to follow up our meeting yesterday about your company website. Please return my call on 02 9953 3000. The best time to reach me is between 9 and 11am today, or between 3 and 5pm tomorrow. My number again is 02 9953 3000. Thank you.

Figure: Good Example - This communicates important contact details, a reason for calling and implies a response is needed in the next day or so

Confirm the voice message with an email.

There are several advantages leaving messages when your call is unanswered:

  • He/she may know who calls and be able to return your call.
  • If your message is urgent, he/she may return your call straight away (even though he/she is VERY busy.

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