Do you know which check-in policies to enable?
  v5.0 Posted at 1/10/2019 5:56 PM by Christian Morford-Waite

Check-in policies are a great tool to enforce quality code before it hits your source control repository. SSW recommends that the following check-in policies be enabled by default on your project:

  1. Changeset Comments Policy - To enforce that all check-in contain comments
  2. SSW Code Auditor - To enforce coding standards and best practices before check-in
  3. Testing Policy - To enforce that unit tests should all pass before code can be checked-in
  4. Code Analysis Policy – To enforce that code analysis rules are not broken
  5. ​Builds Policy – To enforce that the developer has built the project end to end before they check-in

More Information

To enable these policies:

  1. Right click the Team Project in Team Explorer > Team Project Settings > Source Control
  2. Select the check-in policies above
  3. Click OK
Chose check in policy
Figure: Chose check-in policies in TFS

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