Do you know when to use SVG?
  v1.0 Posted at 13/10/2015 11:19 AM by Rebecca Liu

Line art graphics and anything with well defined shapes (logos, vector illustrations, e.t.c.) must be saved in SVG format.

Some of SVG format advantages are:

  • Written in XML
  • Text-based
  • Official W3C graphics standard
  • Accessible for people with visual disabilities
  • Searchable
  • Can be animated
  • No pixelation
  • Small file size
  • Supports transparency
  • Text can be selected, copied, spoken by the computer, and indexed by search engines.
Bad Example - Using JPG for line art
Figure: Bad Example - this graphic is line art, but has mistakenly been saved as a JPEG. It loses resolution.
Good Example - Using SVG for line art
Figure: Good Example - the same graphic, saved as an SVG, no pixelation.

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