Do you know what to do after migrating from TFVC to Git?
  v2.0 Posted at 10/04/2018 11:04 AM by Danijel Malik
​After you use the right tool to migrate from TFVC to Git, there's a few more things you need to do to clean things up for a new user joining the project. By default, if there is a TFVC repository, that will become the default in the UI.

Unfortunately, you can't kill the TFVC repository and make Git the default one, so there's a few steps you need to follow.


​Figure: Bad Example - Can't delete the now deprecated​ TFVC repository​​

Delete files from TFVC

Go into the repository, delete any existing files. Add a new document saying "_Migrated_to_Git.md". This will stop people from getting the wrong code.


​​​​Figure: Clean up TFVC so developers can't accidentally get the wrong source code

Note: All the source code is still there, it's just flagged as being deleted.

Lock down TFVC

In the TFVC repository, click Security


Figure: Con​​figure the security of the TFVC repository

​​Then deny check-ins to Contributors, Project Administrators and Project Collection Administrators. This should stop anyone from committing new code to the repository.

Update the Dashboard

​Next step is to update the dashboard to let new developers know.


​​Figure: Good example - Let new users know that the source control is now on Git


​Suggestions for the VSTS team

  1. ​​Give us the ability to hide a repository
  2. Give us the ability to set a repository as the default for all users
  3. Give us the ability to delete a TFVC repository

Having any of these suggestions will avoid the confusion on this screen
​​Figure: Bad Exmaple - This is confusing for a new dev

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