Do you know to make using Check-in Policies easier (by adding a 'Recent' Query)?
  v3.0 Posted at 7/05/2014 1:59 PM by System Account
Select A Recent Work Item
Figure: When you use Check-in policies you often will need to select a work item that you selected recently

    Make this easy on yourself by adding a query 'Recent'
  1. Create a work item query that returns you the last changed work item
    Add a query
    Figure: Add a query just for your associated check ins
  2. Just copy the 'Tasks - My' query
  3. Add the sort date of 'Changed Date' sorted by descending
    Sorted the query by 'Changed Date'
    Figure: The query should be sorted by 'Changed Date'
  4. Use that query on your check ins and you find the relevant work item easily

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