Do you know to duplicate email content in a calendar appointment?
  v2.0 Posted at 13/07/2018 5:39 PM by Joanna Feely
​One of the great things about email is that as a conversation progresses, you always have the thread history that you can refer to for context. Calendar appointments, on the other hand, don’t have this. Therefore, if you make plans via email, and that email conversation includes details like times, agendas, locations, etc., it’s a good idea to copy the email thread into the body of the calendar appointment.

​That way you’ve got the history and context right there, so the attendees don’t have to go searching for it in their inbox.
With calendar appointments, there’s also the risk that people will accept the appointment without reading the content – people don’t do this with email.  By duplicating the content from an email, you know that you are not proposing anything that the attendees have not already discussed and agreed upon in the email thread. 

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