Do you know the quickest way to get your Windows 10 SOE up and running?
  v16.0 Posted at 16/09/2020 12:54 PM by Steven Andrews
​Your developers should be using Windows 10 for a number of reasons, the primary one being it is faster than Windows 8.
The next step is to get the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) installed. You have a few choices:
  • Manually - it can take over a day to install your favourite 20 or so apps
  • Windows Image - there is overhead of maintaining the .WIM file as software changes - RECOMMENDED FOR LARGE COMPANIES 100+ NON TECHNICAL STAFF
  • Use a package manager (eg. chocolatey/winget​) - RECOMMENDED FOR SMALLER COMPANIES <100

Use a package manager (Chocolatey

Assuming that Windows 10 in already installed, then get your SOE installed fast by following these steps:

  1. Logon and configure Windows 10
  2. Install Windows Updates
  3. Join laptop to the Domain (or run a Logon-Script.bat to get printers, Word templates etc. Contact SysAdmin to join laptop to domain)
  4. Install and run a Chocolatey script to get most of the software
  5. Install all rest of the standard Software that does not support Chocolatey [SSW Only]  
  6. In case you lose your laptop, it is a good idea to stick a business card to the bottom
  7. For branding reasons, stick your company sticker to the laptop
Figure: SSWLoginScript.bat

Figure: SSWPackages.ps1 which runs Chocolatey command to install SOE software
Figure: SOE Software that are not supported by Chocolatey
Figure: Company branding on laptop

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