Do you know the different MDM Marketing Automation options?
  v1.0 Posted at 17/10/2014 8:46 AM by Tiago Araujo
The Marketing Automation inside Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is very powerful and easy to use. You have the following options when creating these:

Action Type

  • Email
  • Landing Page (used to collect data and make leads)
  • Task
  • Scoring (leads created through MDM can be scored to rank them appropriately)
  • Social Media
  • Edit Marketing List (e.g. adding people to a “follow up later” list)
  • Printed Mail
  • Event

Marketing Lists

  • Static (stored and manipulated in MDM)
  • Dynamic (the result of an on the spot query)


  • ​Scheduler (e.g. to delay x days before doing the next step
  • Trigger (e.g. if someone goes to an event)
Figure: Simple drag and drop interface for creating automated marketing workflows

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