Do you know the best Visual Studio Extensions and NuGet Packages for AngularJS?
  v2.0 Posted at 20/03/2017 11:22 AM by Tiago Araujo

Following this rule will ensure the right NuGet packages and Visual Studio Extensions are included in your projects to help speed up your development, follow best practices and have the team using the same processes

The best NuGet packages are:
  • Angular.UI.Bootstrap 
    Check out the whole suite of tools from the Angular UI team.​
  • AngularJS.Core
    This core package only has the minimum Angular references to get started. Other Angular packages like AngularJS.Route can be added as needed in addition to this.

  • AngularJS 
    The whole AngularJS library.

  • HotTowel.Angular 
    John Papa's popular AngularJS Single Page Application (SPA) template.

  • Side Waffle
    Templates for common AngularJS components like controllers, factories, and modules.
  • Web Essentials
    While not AngularJS specific, this Visual Studio extension is a must have for any web development.

Alternate sources for Angular Modules:
  • NgModules.org
    A source for all popular AngularJS modules that can be sorted by popularity.

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