Do you know the best Project/Version conventions?
  v2.0 Posted at 7/05/2014 2:00 PM by System Account

Having a good folder structure in version control allows everyone to know where everything is without even having to look.​

 /branches (or shelvesets)
 /releases (or tags)
Figure: Bad example, SVN conventions are a dated and ignore releases, hotfixes and Service Packs

Trunk is the old way, Main is the new way as per the branching guidance, and it is the way that Microsoft does things.

Main branch guidance
Figure: Good example, this makes a lot more sense
More Information:
Good format for the information
Figure: A good format for all your Products/Projects makes it easy to know where things are and what they are for

Read the TFS 2010 Branching Guidance - http://tfsbranchingguideiii.codeplex.com

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